No Activity

Author : Zyber
Published : 23.12.2018
tv Show : No Activity
Status : Returning Series
Seasons : 2
network : Stan


Title :
No Activity
Year :
Genre :
IMDB Rating :
8.0/10 Of 608
Director :
Trent O'Donnell
Stars :
Patrick Brammall Darren Gilshenan Harriet Dyer Genevieve Morris
Run time :


No Activity is a unique and hilarious comedy that follows the nightly exploits of our boys and girls in blue, and their shady criminal counterparts, through an unfolding kidnapping investigation. Truth is, being a cop or a crook is nowhere near as exciting as Hollywood would have us believe. Long nights with nothing to do but watch and wait, and spin a yarn or two... or, in the case of these over-caffeinated, sleep-deprived souls, share way too much information about themselves, opine on matters far beyond their qualifications, and discuss topics that most would agree are strictly NSFW.

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